The 'Hug Me Tight' Summer Swimsuit

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Most gay men will still remember the scene from Casino Royale where James Bond emerges from the sea in his blue trunks. It was iconic, and awakening for many a gay teens around the world. Recreate the dream by emerging from the sea this summer wearing a pair of these 'Hug Me Tight' Summer Swim Trunks available in green, blue, white, purple, dark blue, and black.

We promise you'll stand out from a crowd, and feel a level of confidence you never thought possible.

Look good, feel fabulous.


*This product fits tight so if you like looser, please pick a larger size. 

Size FIT WAIST flat measure

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Suggest Weight
cm/in cm/in cm KG
S  64-70 cm/25-27 in  34 cm/13 in 160-165 cm 45-55 kg
M  70-80 cm/27-31 in  36 cm/14 in 160-170 cm 55-65 kg
L  80-90 cm/31-35 in  38 cm/15 in 160-175 cm 65-75 kg
XL  90-100 cm/35-39 in  40 cm/16 in 165-180 cm 75-85 kg
XXL  96-110 cm/38-42 in  42 cm-17 in 165-195 cm 85-95 kg



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