Not Today Satan Tote Bag
Not Today Satan Tote Bag

    Not Today Satan Tote Bag

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      Let our Not Today Satan Tote Bar be a reminder to yourself and the world: The devil will not get in your way today, nor will anyone else! 

      Arguably the funniest queen to ever compete on RuPaul's Drag Race, Bianca Del Rio and her Rolodexdex of hate are the inspiration for this design. Because really, don't we all wish we could serve a little more clown realness. A self-proclaimed “clown in a dress” known for her raw and racy edge, if anyone dears come for you just simply let them know. 

      "Beauty fades, DUMB IS FOREVER! "

      Don't love it?  Beat it, queen - This design is fierce, fabulous and tells everyone you came to slay. Don't piss on my leg and tell me it's raining.

      Gay, straight or unicorn - everyone needs this spacious and trendy tote bag to help you carry around everything that matters. Bad wigs, terrible make-up, caftans - You name it and it will fit in here. This Not Today Satan Tote Bag is also perfect for the beach or even just heading out to the shop - not that we would ever need an excuse to wear our Bianca Del Rio merch with Pride! 

      Well, well, well! I hope you bitches are ready...Oh, you like that? I made that shit up today.

      Not today Satan! Not today!


      The Details


      • 100% spun polyester weather resistant fabric
      • Bag 15" x 15" (38.1cm x 38.1cm)
      • Capacity – 2.6 US gal (10l)
      • Maximum weight limit – 44lbs (20kg)
      • Dual handles 100% natural cotton bull denim
      • Handle length 11.8" (30 cm), width 1" (2.5cm)