Jockmail Ultra-Thin Boxer Briefs

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These Jockmail Ultra-Thin Boxer Briefs are made with a breathable nylon/spandex blend for comfort and style. It will cradle your package while being thin (but not transparent) and incredibly pleasing to the touch.

Welcome to the JOCKMAIL experience. 


We think every gay man should own (and wear) sexy underwear. They make them feel confident while accentuating your assets. Not to mention if you are hooking up with someone new (or old), they make for incredible, tantalizing foreplay.

Honestly, if you haven't tried out good-fitting boxer briefs yet - now is your chance. And this affordable pair is the perfect way to test the water, or add to an existing collection. If there is one rule we have in life as gay men, its that you can never have enough sexy underwear (or jockstraps). 


*This product is ultra-thin by design, and can stretch more than normal to accommodate your size. Please confirm the sizing on the infographic before buying. 

**Most of our products are stored in multiple warehouses around the world for faster shipping, however, this product is sent from one location only. As such, it has a longer estimated delivery time of up to 35-50 days, depending on your address. Please contact us in advance should this be an issue**